• Download the game files from here.
  • Browse to the download location right-click and from the context menu select extract.
  • Open the folder you extracted the files to.
  • (Optional) Create a link to your desktop by right-clicking on NovaSquadron.exe and then selecting Send to > desktop.


  • Download the game files from here.
  • Open a Terminal.
  • Open the folder you downloaded the zip file to. example: cd ~\Downloads
  • Unzip the game files. example: unzip
  • Change directory into the NovaSquadron directory. example: cd NovaSquadron
  • (Optional) Make a symbol link to to somewhere in your PATH environmental variable.
  • Run the game with ./
  • You may need to chmod the sh file: chmod +x


You may be prompted about trusting this file as it is not signed.
Amazon Fire TV support coming in the next release.
  • Download the game files from here.
  • Open the apk.
  • Hit the Install button.
  • Hit the Open button.