Patch Notes

Version 0.6 - 09-15-2019
  • Updated engine to 4.23.0.
  • Adjust level scaling, giving more space in the playfield.
  • Implemented lives (3) and switched ship purchases to unlock instead of per use.
  • Auto equip base weapon on ship purchases / new game / weapon removal.
  • Fixed ship flipping, looks cool on the first ship but messes with weapons and effects.
  • Disable purchasing for base weapon.
  • Fixed enemy collisions sometimes not registering damage/playing impact effect.
  • Fix enemies spawning out of thin air when in a group configuration. This will still occur with large amounts of enemies in a group but once a normal level are released it shouldn't be an issue.
  • Implemented repair power-up.
  • Fixed various hangar bugs.
  • Added exit button to hangar.
    • Known Issues

    • Enemies shoot from off screen, this won't happen in normal levels.
Version 0.5 - 09-01-2019
  • Added Hangar as startup level.
  • Added credits and purchasing system.
  • Added five new ships, eight upgrades and eight weapons.
  • Converted Paper2D flipbooks into extended components that fully support Gameplay Abilities, interruptions, etc.
  • Implemented gameplay abilities and attributes to track health, shield, resistances and calculate damage.
  • Disabled enemy rotation towards player.
  • Doubling level length on each play as well as reward.
  • Implemented shielding.
  • Add enemy grouping capability, less random looking movements.
  • Added ship effects like thrusters and fans.
  • Hot Fixes
    • Fix quantities updating.
    • Give weapon with ship purchase.
Version 0.4 - 07-15-2019
  • Added Linux and OSX build.
  • Added pause functionality.
  • Added boss and other enemy assets.
  • Fixed texture group settings.
  • Started on dock level.
  • Added new spawn system.
  • Added new level system with waves.
  • Added basic save and loading, but disabling for now.
  • Added power up code.
  • Adjusted enemy targeting, much more accurate now.
  • Adjusted enemy projectile speed.
  • Added new level using new spawn system.
  • Removed enemy collisions with each other.
  • Increased player projectile speed.
  • Fixed some issues that could have caused crashes.
  • Added launching url to download page when out of date.
Version 0.3 - 07-01-2019
  • Added Windows and Android builds.
  • Removed web player.
  • Add login menu with remember feature.
  • Added touch controls.
  • Fixed enemy projectile speed.
  • Increased star background speed.
  • Added update notice.
Version 0.2 - 6-16-2019
  • Enemy rotation, Enemy HP Reduction, Longer delay between shots, Longer logo time.
Version 0.2 - 6-16-2019
  • Fix enemies always spawning to the right.
  • Fix enemies shooting below player.
  • Fix enemies not despawning properly.
Version 0.1 - 6-15-2019
  • Initial release.