Nova Squadron Game v0.5

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Greetings, in this update we added a hangar level where you can get new ships, weapons, and upgrades for your ships.

There was a lot of work that went into Gameplay Abilities and Paper2D as well. The ability to use interrupts and a "Play Montage" like capability but for flipbooks. Which will come in handy for boss fights and future games.

All damage calculations now use damage execution calculations from the gameplay ability system with attributes for armor and shield armor, etc.

Which means there is now shielding on the non-default ships as well.

To make it a little bit more playable we've disabled enemies tracking the player and rotating towards them. However, they are still reasonably accurate.

There's still only the one level, but it doubles the enemy spawns and reward each play through. I was able to save up enough credits to get decently upgraded before doing the packaging dance so we look forward to seeing what you can do!

We hope you enjoy the new improvements and on the next upgrade cycle, we are going to work on level design, power-ups and hopefully a boss fight.

If you find any bugs let us know on Discord!


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