Nova Squadron v0.5 progress.

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No update will be released this cycle, had an issue with the motherboard on the development rig which caused reboots every 30-45 minutes or so.

The motherboard has been replaced, but it slowed progression during this cycle.

Unfortunately, the Unreal Engine editor interface running in Linux is not very user-friendly. However, we did make a lot of progress in code. Implementing the changes requires the use of the graphical interface, however.

One of the most significant changes made was to use the Gameplay Abilities plugin in Unreal Engine this is a complex system to implement by itself and even more so when working in 2D.

It doesn't support Paper2DFlipbook characters, so we started by extending Paper2D and GameplayAbilities to integrate. We can now use a "play flipbook and wait" for the task which is going to be infinitely useful in our other games as well.

Getting that working was a pretty significant undertaking. We are now in the process of changing the game logic to use the attribute system and abilities for making the weapons fire, impact and death effects, power-ups, and everything else.

That allows us to quickly implement different cooldowns for our various weapons, enemy attacks, and boss logic.

We also spent some time on the spawning/movement system, which gave a more "formation" like appearance to the enemy spawns. We grouped them together and had all the enemies in the group use the same spline from the calculated spawn point.

It worked perfectly except that the openness of our playing field made it not come out as expected and was a little awkward.

We decided that the openness give the game a unique feel and we'll stick with the old system for regular gameplay.

There's also an issue with the pause menu that will be fixed in the next update.

The ship dock/hangar is also coming along nicely we are finishing up the initial UI animations there.

We can't release what we've done so far this update because the game isn't playable with the changes we are making, on the 15th we'll have a bunch of new stuff ready.

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