Nova Squadron Game Update!

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Last week we worked on Nova Squadron a bit, mostly trying to get a mobile-friendly version out there.


A list of some changes:

  • Enemies no longer shoot at you from offscreen.
  • The enemy projectile speed is normalized, further enemies no longer laser you.
  • Added touch controls. (Probably going to be a dev blog post.)
  • The web player is deprecated.
  • Windows build now available.
  • Android build now available. (No Amazon Fire TV yet.)
A bit about some of the issues we faced, without going into a whole lot of detail.
The web player, while usable by Linux and Mac users, was not very performance friendly on mobile devices and there is also not an easy way to cache game files in the browser. So it is in everyone's best interest that it's not used until browser technology allows larger files to be cached or we figure out how to do chunking with the web player.
Otherwise, it would be a download every time someone wants to play, and no apple mobile device would be able to play it. As a side note, Apple needs to step up its Safari game. They don't support many features that are required for good user experience.
Sorry Apple users, we have no support for your devices at the moment but hope to fix that soon.
Installation is currently a manual process for Windows and Android but shouldn't be too hard for you to figure out, we have made an installation page with some basic instructions to get you going.
You'll notice that we now have a login screen in-game, previously the web player used your session on the website for authentication. But don't worry there is a remember me checkbox that will keep your login active for one week at a time.
There's another menu off to the left, which is to support a new game we're working on. It's a multiplayer game that has clans, friends, chat, and fighting. Look for more on that soon, maybe not this next update cycle but perhaps the one after.
Our update cycles are every two weeks, the first week we spend working on new ideas, and the second week we spend on updates and fixes for existing game(s). So we are going to be busily working on our next game all this week, and next week it's back to adding content and bug fixes to Nova Squadron.
In the next release cycle of Nova Squadron, we hope to have our equipment dock ready so that you can progress, change out your ships and outfit them with better equipment, earn credits and maybe even fight a boss.
Which also means that the save game and continue features will also be added.
We're working a minor bug on the Linux game build so we will probably have that out before the next release cycle but if not that will be in that release as well.
Also, in the works is a launcher that you will be able to install, automatically keep our games up to date and also as a single sign-on agent, that will log you in or refresh your game login when you launch the game.
You can get the new builds here: 

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