How to fix UE4 UMG Button images.

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I figured out something today I should have probably figured out some time ago.

Somehow I fixed it with scaling and other hacks.

When you add a button to a horizontal container, tell it to fill, and your background image looks squished and jacked up, there is an easy fix.

Here they are as they appear in the default configuration:

UMG Buttons Squished UE4 Games Unreal Engine

Now, they aren't supposed to look like that. On the right in the details pane, change the "Draw As" option to Image.

UE4 UMG Image Settings Unreal Engine Games

After changing the setting with any luck, you'll have some normal looking button images in your unreal engine games.

UMG Unreal Engine Buttons Not Squished Games

Hopefully, this helps someone else before they spend too much time trying to fix it.

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